Traveling by Public Transport When Visiting Paris


There are many people that are afraid to use public transport. They are afraid that they might be at risk for theft or even for getting lost. However, you can use the public transport in Paris without any problems. There are a couple of things that you need to know and remember, but this is a great and cheap way of traveling when you are on a tight budget. The moment that you remember these tips, you will have a great time in Paris and be able to use the public transport without problems:

Week and month passes works out a lot cheaper.

If you are going to stay in Paris for a longer time, then you should really consider getting the week or month passes for using the public transport. It is a lot cheaper than paying for each trip that you are making. This is especially great if you know that you are going to travel all the time and that you are going to use the public transport regularly. Those that know about the passes realize how much they are actually saving.

You can get special tourist passes as well.

With the week and month transport pass, there are special tourist passes as well. Making your trip to Paris even better and cheaper. If you are a tourist in Paris and you can prove it, you will get special prices that are making taking public transportation easier and cheaper.

It isn’t hard to find out where you can find the special tourist pass. You can ask at any transportation point where you are taking the metro or bus.

Just a heads-up about the passes that is essential.

There is something really essential that you need to know about the week and month transportation pass. If you are purchasing the pass on Wednesday, the past lasts only till Sunday and not the next Wednesday. This is something that many people don’t understand and can get wrong.

The same goes for the monthly pass. If you are purchasing the month pass on the 20th of the month, you are only going to have the pass until the 30th of the month.

Transport assistance via your smartphone.

For those that don’t know how Paris transportation works, and how to get to a specific place, you can use your smartphone. Paris has a great tourist app that you can use that will assist you with taking any public transportation.

Public transportation in Paris isn’t as dangerous or hard as what you might have thought. The only thing that you need to know is that you can get cheaper options by purchasing the week or month pass. And, if you are still having problems with taking the right transportation, you can use Paris’s transportation assistance app that you can download on your smartphone. With this app, you will not get lost.