Top Things to Do in Paris in Your First Visit



this is a picture of a masterpiece in parisAre you about to travel for the first time? Maybe you have been planning for this for quite some time now but didn’t come to do it because of some circumstances. So now that you can finally realize your dream vacation, you probably want to make sure you will have a time of your life!

Paris is a highly recommended destination and here are the best things one can do in this romantic city:

Nestling Around Da Vinci’s Masterpiece

Most of the time, this is part of the itineraries of tourists. However, if you are not into art, Seeing Monal Lisa in person might not be something you look forward to! But it would be good to know you have taken part in the history of the finest art.

Joie de Vivre

This is another favorite of tourists and once you are there, you will understand why. This Parisian neighborhood is just incomparable when it comes to elegance. Saint German is just worth your time that you find a lot of tourists here exploring this spot by foot.

Never Leave Without Checking Montmartre

If you are with someone special, you should never conclude your trip without huddling around the most romantic place in this city – Montmartre. This used to be a self-sustained village will just leave you breathless. It is situated on a hill overlooking the city and is guided by staircases. In one of its quiet moments, you can almost feel like you are in the French countryside. Yes, this is undeniably one of the most romantic spots in Paris.

Be Amazed at Champs Elysees

It would be a pity if you leave Paris without having to explore the most famous avenue in the entire globe. Though most of the glamour actually moved somewhere else, still that did not diminish to the exciting atmosphere of the place. You will find here the best shops and a large number of tourists.

this is a picture of Top Things to Do in Paris in Your First Visit

The Famous Eiffel Tower

This is one thing you must never miss. The panoramic view of this stature is just too much to ignore. You will not only be part of the history but this is personally just something you should include in your bucket list.

The Origin of Paris

Île de la Cité & Île Saint Louis are just something you should visit yourself. This is where Paris originated and it would be great to take part of it. You will not only wish you are living here, this is also the place where you can find the tastiest ice cream. And to think that checking out the place can be done for free! That is why you should not miss this.

Finding the funds to travel is actually easier than finding the time. This is why once you can do this, you should make sure you will be able to check all the places worth checking. Paris should never be out of your list as this is one of the best tourist destinations.