Top 10 Free Things To Do in Paris


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Paris the city of love, the extraordinary place to live on planet earth, what stands out in this city is its architecture, ancient bridges, numerous museums and a mixture of modern and old shopping malls. There are amazing things you can do while in Paris, below is top ten free activities you can engage yourself.

1. Visit Free Open Air Cinema at Villet Park

You can enjoy free cinema at Villet park, among the famous movies ever shown here, includes be kind Rewind, the wild things are and the killing. It is usually running with a different theme every year. You can enjoy your movie sitting on the grass or you can upgrade to deckchair at 7 dollars.

2. Park of the Champ de Mars

A park of the champion de Mars offers a beautiful scenery. It has well-manicured lawns and flowerbeds. It is a nice place to catch the sun as it sets down over Eiffel towers. It is full of fresh air and away from the sound pollution of the city.

3. Pere Lachaise Cemetery

You can pay a visit to one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. It has a stone entrance built in the 20th century. It housed grave tombs, memorial, and over 50,000 ornate. Famous people buried here include Georges Rodenbach among many others. 

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4. Atelier Brancusi

Pompidou Center and Constantin Brancusi are located at the same square though Pompidou would cost at least 10 dollars to explore. Brancusi harbors the works of the famous painting of 20th century and it is a very interesting to place to visit.



5. Canal St-Martin

The Canal of St-Martin water edge is another interesting place to pay a visit.  You can watch the sunsets over the horizons or you can join other Parisian in jumping stones and feel the excitement of Paris. Either way, it would make your day grateful.

6. Arenas of Lutetia

This is an amazing piece of architecture ever built. It harbors the history of Roman heritage. It is believed that its construction started back in 1AD. It is also thought to have been the longest Roman amphitheater ever built.

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7.   Rue Mouffetard

Rue Mouffetard Street is a place to be while in Paris. It a street full of all types artisans, largest fromageries, and the sweetest gourmet. On Saturdays of every week, it is close off to offer huge food market, you can get any food item and enjoy the hum of bartering.

8. Montmartre

This the highest hill in Paris, it has a nice atmosphere with a beautiful scenery. It is known to have had famous windmills. Bal du Moulin de la Galette is one of them and takes you back to past days.  

9. The Curie Museum

This one of the oldest scientific museum in the all of Europe. Marie Curie is believed to have spent most of is the time in this laboratory. It’s here where Marie won Nobel Prize for physics in 1903 and also in Chemistry in the year 1911. Numerous research was carried out in the laboratory that has saved humanity.

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10. Spend A Night at Square of Green Galant

Square of green Galant provides a magical night of the City of Paris; it is accessible through stairs down the Pont Neuf. It is more exciting during summer with hundreds of people spending their night there.