City of Love: Romantic Things To Do in Paris


Paris the most sought-travel in the world, where the imagination of romantic night comes to reality. The city of love is well endowed with beautiful sceneries, world-class Park, and the most amazing rivers. Its culture and tradition spanning over decades would leave a long-lasting impression of the city for any tourist. Whether watching the sunset on Eiffel Tower or walking along river Seine, Paris would not disappoint when it comes to romance, there are a thousand things you can do while in the city that would cultivate everlasting love with this city.

city of love romantic things to do in paris: french pastries

1. Enjoy the tastiest Parisian pastries and sweet chocolates

Indulge in irresistible Parisian pastries. They are over ten types of pastries available to be enjoyed in this city. The chef is known worldwide for their skill when it comes to preparing pastries. Millions of tourist across the world flock this city to have a taste of this famous pastries. The candy shops stock chocolates that will leave you tongue yearning for a taste. The beautiful streets of Saint-Germain-des-Pres are is popular with this kind of shops.

2. Visit the famous historic gardens of Paris

The well-manicured lawns, masonry walls, flowerbeds, and tree-lined pathways describe the gardens in the city of Paris. It provides a tranquil surrounding where love rules the air. Million’s throng this gardens every summer to enjoy a unique feeling inside the garden. The famous Tuileries garden is one among the historical gardens you can visit. Inside these gardens, fresh air and amazing natural birds sound comfort you as you take a walk.  Under the guidance of a tour, you can visit other parks that were tailor made specifically for walking while holding hands.

3. Romantic shopping

Shopping in this city is a romantic adventure of its kind. Celebrities all over the world flew in every year to make their shopping in this city. Paris is known as one of the capital cities of fashion in the world.  Well, skill fashion designers are based in this city and they are popular for their amazing invention in the fashion industry. Shops are stock with all kind of items you may require. This is a city where trends in the fashion industry are made. Sabbia Rosa the best boutique equip with al kind of serious stuff will not disappoint if you pay a visit, it is located in Saints-Peres in the chic 6th arrondissement.

this is an image of romantic things to do in paris france

4. Take a walk along River Seine

River Seine provides a combination of sightseeing with romance while relaxing on a sunset down the river.  Take amazing photos of the sun as it sets down the horizons. From here, you can have a look at the famous Eiffel Tower from a distance. You can also read your favorite novel or have your dinner or champagne down the river.

this is an image of romantic things to do in paris river seine

5. Enjoy picnic at the park

There are numerous food joints on many of the beautiful parks in the city, you can have a taste of famous French cosines in this park. The outstanding market the market of I ‘Alma in the 16th avenue on every Saturday and Wednesday provides all your picnic necessities. This market is full of fresh and the finest gourmet food from all over the country. You can enjoy all these and your travel under the shadow of Eiffel Tower.